• Brooke Griffiths

Why Am I Running?

I’m a journalist, small-business owner, and activist. More importantly, I’m a wife, mother, and brain tumor survivor. And it's those experiences that have made me fiercely focused on issues impacting District 27 families – especially our women and children.

Issues including:

  • Expanding affordable healthcare

  • Fully funding public schools

  • Common-sense gun safety

  • Finally ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and protecting Georgia women’s bodily autonomy

Like many of 2019's female candidates, the idea of running for office first struck me in 2015. Since then – as I've watched our healthcare, education, and civil rights protections be deconstructed nationally – I realized the importance of doing what we can locally.

During Georgia's 2019 legislative session, I was in the "room where it happened" when our representatives passed an unconstitutional abortion ban. I watched our dignity be compared to a piece of bubblegum. And I knew instantly that I was at a place in my life where I could make a difference.

I proudly attended the 2019 Women's March in Washington D.C.

Forsyth County deserves a representative who is honest in what she believes and how she will lead. Who knows that openly supporting our increasingly diverse community is key to leading our county forward.

I've been thinking recently about the difference between politicking and governing.

Politicking is what officials do when their main focus is on "wedge" issues they think will play best with their base during the next election. Governing is what officials do when they actually read – and question – the bills put before them. When they truly are fiscally conservative instead of just saying they are. When they work with colleagues of all persuasions.

We must have representatives who do the job of governing – not politicking.

I vow to you that I will keep the best interests of Forsyth's residents – people of every background and every belief system – at heart. I will work to protect your schools, your healthcare, and your rights at every turn.

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